5 Tips to maintain a healthy BMI

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  1. Set a realistic goal

    The first step after identifying your BMI, is to set a realistic goal to achieve for an idea BMI, whether its to gain or lose the points. This can have immense health benefits.

  2. Exercise frequently

    We're not saying go all out on a fasting diet or anything like that, we're identifying that with proper exercise, you can have a healthier BMI. approximately 20 minutes every couple of days is adeque for starters.

  3. Track your BMI closely

    Visit our BMI Calculator page frequently to keep updated on your score, so you can work better towards your goal.

  4. Set workout targets

    Begin by setting easy to reach goals and targets. Don't make it out of reach, even if you need to exercise fo 10 minutes a day twice a week, do it! Then slowly improve overall. If you need to increase your weight to a healthier BMI, please ensure you have a healthy diet in place.

  5. Stay consistent

    You may not always see results right away, however don't let this be a deterrant. If you keep at it, you will see results and will be happy ou did!