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This website, BMI Calculator FREE is made available to you for free to assist in identifying your body mass index, aka BMI. It gives you an insight into if your weight is right for your height and assists in converting KG to Pounds. We are not claiming to be health professionals and always recommend seeing a doctor/health professional when making lifestyle changes.

We do not capture data from anyone and we have a privacy policy available on the website that protects anything typed into our website. We can provide information for men, women, kids, provide charts, provide health tips, identify health BMIs and more. Please let us know if we can be of more help!

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We’re here to answer any questions. Please send all requests to contact@bmicalculatorfree.com. We're available all the time to let us know if anything is missing from the website in terms of BMI Charts, Health Tips, Weight Loss Plans and links to other important data.