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The acronym BMI stands for Body mass index. It was adopted by the World Health Organization in 1997. BMI is a standard for evaluating risks linked to insufficient or excessive weight. It was a Belgian, Adolphe Quetelet who invented the calculus of BMI. But it was not until later when the use of this tool was diffused. In Anglo-Saxon countries, BMI is known as BMI (Body Mass Index), but it has the same characteristics. What does BMI show? Malnutrition Thinness The normal index Overweight Obesity (with 3 different degrees) This body mass index is calculated based on the person's height and weight. of entry, BMI or BMI was performed only in adults aged 18 to 65. Thus, they were not included in this calculation: children, pregnant women, sportsmen and the elderly. Indeed, the great athletes, for example, have a distorted BMI because, being more muscular than the average, the weight of the muscles does not allow the exact calculation of a BMI. BMI calculates responds. To know the risks your weight can exert on your health, our BMI calculator is based on your size and weight. But do you know what BMI is? BMI is a health standard you should know. Your health comes first. To not neglect any detail, BMI calculates will be at your side to indicate which path to take. Are you too fat or too thin? That's the question BMI will answer calculate. BMI calculates will tell you if your weight is good for your health. In addition, BMI calculates you can calculate your healthy weight or ideal weight. That is to say, the weight that does not present health risks. But also, the weight that will make you feel as good in your body as in your mind!