How to lose belly fat in a month (in 5 steps)

Many people want that magic recipe, that pill that makes them thin (OS), toned and “how God Commands”… unfortunately there is no magic formula, there is no magic device, much less a magic pill. If anyone has told you otherwise, they lied to you!

lose belly fats


In these few years I have experience in this field of fitness and nutrition I have learned many tricks or changes that can help you achieve the body you want, but let me tell you what is most needed is dedication.

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Unless you really commit yourself and propose to eat healthily and have a better pace of life, you will not achieve much.

To lose weight is necessary to make a change of mind, forget what one has been doing day by day, year after year. You must be ready to change the way you eat and your little or no physical activity, but especially motivation.

The motivation has to be one of your main pillars and even if your friends and family do not support you, you must self-motivate even more.

You have control over your life and your resulats and no one else.

You can do everything if you propose. To want is power!

Once you are determined to change once and for all, I recommend that you follow the steps below. The more you achieve, the better results you will have, so do not settle for a few, try to achieve all little by little!

How to lose Belly Fat in a month (in 5 steps)

1. Less sweet. Not only do I mean stop consuming sugar, I mean any product that factory or preparation has sugar or high fructose corn syrup.

From now on, for every product you buy, look at the ingredients, if they have sugar or HFCS, find another option. Examples: Ice creams, biscuits, cereals, chocolate, sodas, juice (although they say they are 100% natural), cocktails, etc. The list is endless.

If you want to sweeten something is better than opt to use natural honey bee or a product called Stevia, is a natural sweetener super low in calories and you can use to sweeten anything (and tastes great), the good thing is that lasts lots given that a tiny can Identity sweetens enough.

2. Turn to refined flour. If you like pasta, white rice and white bread, choose to eat them in their whole or full grain version, the fiber they possess will serve you much more in your fight to lose weight.

For other products that carry normal flour, forget about them. Examples: Cakes/tarts, biscuits, empanadas, tamales, muffins, breaded food, pancakes, some white sauces, etc.

If you want to breaded something, I recommend you make a mixture of oat bran (fiber) with walnut powder (healthy fat), this option is 100 times better.

3. Avoid fried or refried food as much as possible. Clear example: French fries or onion rings. Most of the commercial and household oils, such as vegetable oils are super harmful to health and high in calories, choose better to use oils such as coconut or olive.

When you avoid fried food, look for a better option like boiled, steamed, baked or grilled, the goal here is to get away from the oil.

4. Avoids processed food. Now it’s fashionable to sell ready-made food that only requires heating in the microwave.

Imagine just how many toxins had to have put these products to stay in “good” state, not to mention the amount of sweeteners and oil that were used in its elaboration. Another example is powdered mashed potatoes or many quick-preparation products.

5. In the house is better. Try to eat the best in your home or food that you have prepared yourself and keep the minimum eating out. You get better results if you apply all of these rules yourself instead of putting yourself at risk under someone else’s spoon.

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