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Body mass Index (BMI Calculator) is a measure of the weight of a person in terms of height. It is an indication of what your weight should be according to your height. BMI often correlates with whole body fat.

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BMI often correlates with whole body fat. This means that as the BMI notch increases, so does the whole body fat of a person.

An Adult Having BODY MASS INDEX between 18 to 24 is Healthy weight, BMI Below 18 is concidered insufficient weight, adult who has Body Mass Index of 30 or Higher is Obese and between 25 and 29 as an excess of weight.

Body Mass Index calculation

BMI in an individual is calculated by the use of a mathematical formula. It can also be estimated using the vectors in which it can correspond with height in inches to weight in pounds to estimate BMI. There are convenient calculators available on the Internet pages that help calculate BMI as well.

The formula is-BMI = (weight in kilograms) divided by (the height at the adjusted counters)

BMI Calculator

A normal BMI notch is one that drops between 18.5 and 24.9. This indicates that a person is within the normal range of the weight for their height. A BMI graph is used to categorize a person as underweight, normal, fat, or obese.

is BMI applicable to everyone?

For most people, BMI Calculator can be used to provide a good dimension of obesity. But BMI cannot provide the actual information on body composition as the amount of muscle, bone, fat, and other tissues.

In some people BMI is a more accurate dimension of body fat than others. For example, people who are very muscular can enter the category “fat” when they are real healthy and very fit. These people with a very low percentage of body fat might have the same BMI notch as someone who is fat.

BMI, when used for children and adolescents who are still growing, those with large chassis or small structures, pregnant women and highly muscular individuals thus need to be evaluated and interpreted. Carefully.


@PunishedBox @Fifnagain @BlueSithis its just the nhs bmi calculator im pretty sure

According to a regular adult BMI calculator I’m underweight lol